Yessiow: 365 Days Doodling #1

Written by YESSIOW , Kamis, 25 Juni 2015

Its been a long time......... hahhahahaha
I missed my doodle here, and now I will try to be active again.
In the beginning of 2015 yesterday, I think initiative to make myself to be productive. Is supposed to be like that. hahahhaha I finally decided to try an active makes daily doodles for this year. now I just have time to update on this blog. I will update once a week. 

Day 1: Lasagna

Day 2: Gundam

Day 3: Time Change

Day 4: Sad

Day 5

Day 6
See you again with my posts updates with my Doodles Daily :)

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dikomen juga boleh.. boleh banget malahan... :))